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Premium Portable Premium Portable Premium Portable
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Blushield products are constantly being developed and restyled. Therefore occasionally there are interesting offers. These products offer unparalleled Blushield protection at an attractive price!
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Important: Do not make the mistake of purchasing just a portable model to carry around in your home and think you are protected. We recommend you first start with the Plug-in model and use the portable solely for venturing outside the protected (plugin) area.

The Blushield portable models come with a USB charging cable. This allows you to charge the portable on, for example, a laptop or desktop. 
If you would like to charge via a socket and you do not have a USB adapter yet, you can order one.

Tesla Gold Series Premium Portable comes in a Carbon Black alloy case featuring a rechargeable battery. This can be recharged using the USB cable provided, at any computer or USB adapter charger. This portable model is for use outside your plugin protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as it does not offer the same level of protection. The portable model is designed for short outings or travel between protected zones in order to keep one balanced and protected without experiencing the difference associated from going from one protected zone to another.

Most people will experience a detox while initially using this product. This is due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also boosting of the immune system. A detox maybe a metallic taste in the mouth, thirsty and dry mouth, a mild headache, skin eruptions to name but a few. This is a sign the immune system has gained some ground and has begun to normalize itself. This also tells us the unit is doing its job effectively. It is ideal to drink plenty of water and take some form of vitamin C during this transient time. Once adjusted your body will be acclimatized and no longer detox. Some people don’t experience a detox but notice boundless energy and exceptional emotional stability instead.

Tesla Gold Series Portable is great for people who travel a lot in electric trains or who drive electric vehicles. For protecting a large area the Tesla Gold Series Plug-in model or the Tesla Gold Series Cube model would be better.

  • Mono band scalar
  • Designed for avid smart phone users and Wi-Fi
  • Coverage 3m radius
  • Ideal for gamers compatible with all game types
  • Great for business trips and air travel
  • Rechargable battery
  • Size 10cm x 6cm x 1 cm
  • Weight 172 g
  • 30 plus days of use on 1 charge
  • Multi waveform output
  • Some detox effect
  • High strength large field
  • Reduces travel fatigue
  • Reduces travel sickness
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Helps on long flights, car or boat trips
  • Enables restful sleep while travelling
  • May Increase energy levels
  • Reduce jet lag
  • Comes with USB charging cable (without USB charger, an EU charger can be ordered separately)

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Anonymous - 07-03-2022 08:27

Great little device for my daughter to take to school as well as in my handbag or pocket going out.
After researching EMF the thought of my daughter at school under all of those strip lights and technology running through her for 8 hrs a day was frightening. This is a great solution to give her some protection.
I always have mine in my bag now when going out or in my pocket walking the dog.

CK - 17-11-2021 04:06

I read a lot about scalar waves prior to any purchase coz the Blushield devices are pretty expensive and I wanted to ensure myself that it was worth the investment. About a year ago I bought the premium portable for a try out. The first week ( yes it took some time ) I feld some kind of metal taste in my mouth, I lost apetite and felt tires. I wrote an email to the seller. As it appeared that was quite normal. On the other hand I noticed to my surprise that my dogs enjoyed sleeping in front of the portable. When I moved it to another spot they moved as well. They felt well which I considered as an indication that the devide must do something good. To be honest I did not notice any advantages on a personal level. In fact it were friends and family who told me in the first stage that something had changed in my house. The air appeared fresher so they said and my indoor plants in the lounge area where all shiny and growing fast. Only then I started to realize that what they said was true. I hadn't been aware that quite some things indeed had changed for the better in time. I have more energy. Always in a good mood. I haven"t been ill a single day since I carry the portable with me. The plants in the lounge are doing very well ( they are in a range of 3 meters of the spot where I put the device when I'm at home ). The plants in other area's of my house are not in such a good shape. In the meantime I read some more about EMR contamination and scalar waves. I believe it does indeed neutralize the EMR/EMF so I just ordered the ultimate B1 for my house. I will post about my experiences with the ultimate in time. For those who are still hesistating : give it a try. Probably you will not see nor feel a thing and only realize after a while what good scalar waved do for your health, condition, wellbeing and the surroundings ( just like I did ).

K. J. - 24-02-2021 19:20

I have the Blushield Premium Cube and the Premium Portable. Since I have it, I don't leave the house anymore except for today. Today I forgot it and I could totally feel the difference. I was spaced out in my hybrid car (which has more EMF than a regular car). I remembered that many times I used to be in that state before I found Blushield. And to be spaced out while driving is not very save. Also when I walk my dog I feel the difference. I can totally recommend the Blushield Devices and am very grateful that this technology exists and helps us in the 3rd millennium to make our lives easier and be energized instead of drained!

Wouter - 08-12-2020 23:24

De levering was vlot en zonder problemen.

Het voelde erg onrustig en druk bij mij in de nieuwe woning. Ik kon mij maar moeilijk concentreren. De straling gedetecteerd en er bleek de nodige Wifi straling te zijn van de buren. Op zolder met een stevige betonnen vloer ertussen voelde alles meteen veel rustiger. Dus mijn gedachtegang was dat de wifi straling de oorzaak was.

Op zoek gegaan naar een manier om hier iets aan te doen. En het Blushield principe sprak me aan.
Ik heb hierop de portable aangeschaft. Deze gaf meteen een stuk verlichting, ook op mijn werk. Zelf heb ik de wat zwaardere metalen versie met de langere accuduur. In de hand houdend voel je het gewicht. Maar dragend in de broekzak merk ik het niet eens. Later ga ik voor de woning alsnog voor de plugin of het cubemodel.

Gelu - 30-06-2020 12:04

I bought this product for trips outside the house. It is a high quality executed and finished product. I got it relatively very quickly, the transport was ok. I unwrapped the package and just like the first device namely the Plugin, I noticed the same quality of the box, congratulations to the Blueshield team!. Now let's get to the practical part of what it does. Load before first use, then handle the instructions in the operating manual. It works fine. Now for those skeptical, who do not accept the field in which it can be used, I present here my personal opinion. In search of solutions for protection against RF fields, I found this solution that I consider very futuristic. In mid-March this year, we purchased BlueShield Gold Plugin. I was a little curious to notice some changes. I live in an area with large RF fields, I specified them in a previous review. In the first week I had a slightly different condition, a certain itch of the skin in the shoulder area, neck, chest, back, after which things returned to normal, but the most interesting thing I noticed, the plants that I have in the apartment, specifically on the terrace of the apartment, exploded in greenery and flowers. For about three years I've been trying to grow flowers on the terrace and I haven't been able to keep them. Now, when I write these lines, I can't believe how big and beautiful they grow. I think these machines have something to do with this. I recommend with confidence, the purchase and use of these products, I think they really do their job.

Anonymous - 24-06-2020 08:07

Our lives really changed from happy healthy to headaches, pains, nausea, stress, pressure on neck and forehead etc.,
when they placed a transmission tower about 800m from our just newly bought house. When friends came to measure radiation levels inside our house, it was very bad, they showed us there Blushield they carried on them, and
told us that they had spent a lot of money on several devices, but that Blushield was the only effective one.
We bought a Premium Ultra for the house and carry a Large Premium Portable on us day and night.
It really works! Life has become liveable again! We are so very very happy with our Blushields and recommend them to all our friends, of which several have already bought one as well. Thanks a million, beautiful product that really does what it says! Takes a few weeks to adjust to it, just be patient :)

A & S - 29-05-2020 22:25

We are very happy with our purchase.
Its been more than helpful with the EMF soup we live in.
Ms Vercammen has been very attentive, prompt & helpful in every step of the purchase.
Thank you very much