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SALE: Tesla Gold Portable
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Blushield Tesla Gold Portable.

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This multi waveform configuration of the Tesla Gold Series offers the best protection to date from radio frequency radiation and 4G.

Some people will experience a detox while initially using this product. This is due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also boosting the immune system. A detox maybe a metallic taste in the mouth, thirsty and dry mouth, a mild headache, skin eruptions to name but a few. This is a sign the immune system has gained some ground and began to normalise itself. This also tells us the unit is doing its job effectively.  It is ideal to drink plenty of water and take some form of vitamin C during this transient time. Once adjusted your body will be acclimatised and no longer detox. Most people don’t experience a detox but notice boundless energy and exceptional emotional stability instead

This model has the new multi-wave waveform producing a symphony of frequencies to combat EMF at a cell level, rendering this model the best protection Blushield has released to date.

The Tesla models are designed for people who are exposed to cell towers nearby and or smart meters and smartphones.  If you are hypersensitive and  have allergies or food intolerances you can use the Tesla model but be aware that your detox process may take a while longer.  The Tesla model is great for people who travel a lot in electric trains or who drive electric vehicles. For protecting a large area the Tesla Plug-in model or the Tesla Large Area model would be better.

The Tesla Portable comes in black alloy case with an alloy switch featuring a Blue LED. Batteries can be changed by the user very easily, they can also be purchased from us at a very realistic price. Just state the model when ordering and we will provide you with the correct battery. You will need a torx T-8 (star) screwdriver to change the battery.

  • Coverage up to 6 meters diameter
  • Designed for avid smart phone users and Wi-Fi
  • Ideal for gamers compatible with all game types
  • Great for business trips and air travel
  • Recommended for computer users
  • Multi waveform output
  • Some detox effect
  • High strength large field
  • Reduces travel fatigue
  • Reduces travel sickness
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Helps on long flights, car or boat trips
  • Enables restful sleep while travelling
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce jet lag

Technical specifications:
  • On/off switch
  • High Power 6 V
  • Lightweight 106gms/3.74oz
  • Long life lithium battery 2300mAH
  • W 57mm x H 96mm x D 17mm
  • Coverage up to 6 meters diameter
  • Low power consumption
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Meets EMC EN 50082-1:1992 and EN 50081-1
  • Safe for airplane flight
Important: We don’t recommend this product for pregnant women unless they have been exposed to the field since before pregnancy started.

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Dear customer,

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Hélène Vercammen

Bjorn -

I'm very happy with my portable Blushield. Now I sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. It's the only thing I've tried against EM radiation/fatigue that actually works. I'll order the plug-in model as soon as it's back in stock.

Sonia -

From day one that i have started taking the portable close to me i have noticed a light detox that has developed into feeling much better. I feel more positive and calm and sleep much much better,, apart from sleeping grounded i keep my portable close to me during sleep. The only time that i switch it off is when i am in nature or properly surrounded by my loved trees, away from the city, where natural blushiel is active 24h/7.
I think this kind of technology or similar, is much needed these days, specially if you live in the city, where we are surrounded by a 'cloud' of radiation all around us, we cant see it, but it is there.. computers, electric towers/communication masts, smartmeters, smart phones, smart anything..All of this technology should be safe to use to start with. But it is not the case, it is real that it is not safe and it is affecting our energy fields negatively and keeping our health and frequency down. Not just with the 'sensitive' ones, we just feel things first and foremost. I prefer it this way anyway, i have always wanted 'to know'. It is my opinion that this is not happening by chance, but there is a pattern in the design being drawn. It is clear to me, that it is up to any of us, individuals, to take full responsability for our health, and make sure that we are protected. Blushiel technology, on my opinion is an excellent choice in this case. Good price, good little green piece of technology and good service on your part ;)
Tesla was suppressed, but his mind is with us,,

Anonymous -

I bought Tesla portable for my Brother. He has Parkinsson discase.
After having brain surgery and got stimulators he started to get
heavy pains from Wifi and G4 waves. (He is sure of it ??)
With Tesla Portable the worse pains fasiliated.
Now we have ordered Tesla Large Area to cover full house.
We are very optimistic to get even better cover against the harmfull
wifi and G4.

I will let you know.

Best regards

Aki Tarjasalo

Toon uit Eindhoven -

Ik heb nu 1 maand de Tesla plug-in en de Tesla portable en mijn ervaring is geweldig.
Niet meer gevoelig, moeheid of weinig energie door allerlei vormen van onnatuurlijke straling
die de mens in de lucht heeft gebracht, zoals van G4, Dect of Wifi straling maar gewoon wel het gebruikers gemak ervan en volop energie.
Voorheen heb ik verschillende anderen instrumenten gekocht voor straling te neutraliseren zoals produkten van Rayonex, spininversion ,Idoh , toermalijn stenen en orgonite , maar ik kon er niets van merken dat deze passieve instrumenten iets deden tegen straling.
Zoals ik gelezen heb op de site van Blushield zendt deze apparatuur verschillende actieve harmoniserende frequentie's uit, die de mens eigen zijn en versterkt deze, zodat je veel minder gevoelig wordt voor onnatuurlijke frequentie's.
En je mag de Blushield produkten ook nog eens 30 dagen gratis uitproberen om te kijken welk type Blushield het best bij je past in jouw situatie.
Eindelijk eens een goed product wat ook betaalbaar is.

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