Tesla Gold Portable - Protection on the go
The Blushield portable models are designed to give you protection when travelling, shopping, etc., in combination with a plug-in model at home and preferably also at work. The plug-in models are more powerful than the portable models.

The Premium Portables are the luxury  version. They are made of a metal alloy. The White Portable is made of ABS.
The Large Premium Portable is two times as powerful as the White Portable and Small Premium Portable.

The battery of the Large Premium Portable will last about 1 month month on 1 charge, the White Portable and Small Premium Portable about two weeks.


Tesla Gold Portable

SOLD OUT: New stock end of March Blushield Tesla Gold Rechargeable Portable.



Tesla Gold Premium Portable

Blushield Tesla Gold Premium Rechargeable Portable.



Large Premium Portable

Blushield Tesla Gold Premium Large Rechargeable Portable.