Plug-in + Portable
Plug-in + Portable
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Plug-in + Portable
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Plug-in + Portable

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Nat - 06-09-2021 19:56

The moment we started using our plug-in Blushield, we immediately felt it! Our bodies started relaxing, never felt anything like that before. It was like being a kid again where there was no 3G, 4G and 5G. Our life has improved significantly since then. We are both more healthy, feel energized, sleep and breathe better and I can go on and on! And the portable on the go is amazing. Can't imagine my life without Blushield! I also recommended it to my sister in the U.S. Now she has it too and she says it's a miracle! What a blessing to have found this company! I can recommend it to everyone!

Anonymous - 13-07-2021 07:55

The Plugin felt amazing, my body immediately relaxed, and have been sleeping about an hour or so longer than usual. have had to unplug then replug a couple of times when it felt like it wasnt working, then felt the relief immediately after replugging. There are frequent power fluctuations where i am at, this may be the reason. I feel diff things with the portable, possibly due to the variations in the environment as I move around. Overall very happy i have this set, and relieved that I am have this for protection

Anonymous - 01-01-2021 18:07

Products work well. I noticed after a few days of plugging them in that I am calmer, more relaxed, less stressed and definitely well rested. You can't miss the effect these products have on your sleep.