Shipping costs and VAT

Shipping costs

Shipping costs vary per country. In the shopping cart you will see the shipping costs after you have selected the correct country.
Products are shipped from Denmark.



If you live in Denmark, you pay 25% VAT. This applies to both private individuals and companies.

EU VAT area Private Persons

If you live in a country that falls within the EU VAT area, from 1 July 2021 you will pay the VAT-rate of the country to which the package will be sent.
For VAT-rates see:

EU VAT area Companies

Companies can order at the 0% rate, provided they have a valid EU VAT number. You can check on this page whether your number is a valid EU VAT number:

In the top fields of the above form, enter the details of your company.

During the ordering process on our website you can enter your company name and the valid EU VAT number. In that case no VAT will be charged.

NOTE: if you order as a private individual, you must leave the Company name and VAT number empty!

Outside the EU VAT area

If you live or are located in a country outside the EU VAT area, you do not have to pay VAT. The price in your shopping cart is automatically adjusted when you have entered your country.
Please keep in mind that you have to pay customs duties/taxes in the country of import.