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T1 Portable
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T1 Portable
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The T1 Portable comes in a Zinc alloy case and features a USB C socket for charging and also a button to turn it on and off. This model does have an on/off switch for the purpose of turning it on and off when desired. The surface of the T1 is finished in a high gloss chrome finish, which is both durable and pleasing to look at.

The T1 Portable takes around 1 or more hours to charge the 400mAH battery and once charged it will last approximately 3 or more days. The T1 portable comes with a USB cable suitable for charging. Use any 1 AMP charger for charging your portable. It will not charge on a fast charger or any similar charger over 1 AMP. If it appears not to charge firstly check what charger you are using.

Your T1 portable will not withstand immersion in water for any length of time. Make sure not to leave it in your pocket when putting clothes through the wash. Doing this may render your portable useless, water immersion is not covered under warranty. The warranty also does not cover any kind of dropping or wear and tear by the user. 

To protect your T1 Portable, you can order a pouchon our website.

  • Comes with USB charging cable
  • Charges via 1 Amp charger (not included)


400 mAH
100 gr.
Size mm
85 x 35 x 11
Output Type
Dual Band Scalar
Area Coverage
1 Person
Protection level
Level 5
Zinc Alloy Die Cast
3,7 V
Power Consumption
2 mA
Coverage Radius
3 m radius

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Anonymous - 09-08-2022 00:40

El dispositivo es pequeño y fácil de llevar. Me ayuda mucho para no sentir los síntomas desagradables cuando estoy cerca de teléfonos, wifis y antenas de telefonía móvil. Me hace la vida mejor y más relajada. Es muy aconsejable cuando viajo por carretera.

nicole - 05-08-2022 14:55

I like the descrete size, it is easy to keep in my hand bag or my sons school bag. I am impressed with how long the battery lasts, I don't need to recharge as often as I had expected. One thing I would recommend is providing a water proof case with the device, as we discovered even the smallest amount of water on the device will stop it working, permanently!

Nat - 24-02-2022 19:21

I Love T1! The best portable ever! Thank you Blushield for all your products! Blessings!