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Tesla Gold Disc
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Blushield Tesla Gold Disc

€ 259,00
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The Blushield Disc can be worn as a wrist band or around the neck with the supplied rubber ring.

The Blushield Disc has a rechargeable battery, the battery life is about 5 days. With the included magnetic USB cable can be recharged to your computer the Disc or USB adapter.
The Disc can't be turned off (this is in contrast to the Blushield portable).

Some people will experience a detox while initially using this product. This is due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also boosting of the immune system. A detox maybe a metallic taste in the mouth, thirsty and dry mouth, a mild headache, skin eruptions to name but a few. This is a sign the immune system has gained some ground and has begun to normalize itself. This also tells us the unit is doing its job effectively. It is ideal to drink plenty of water and take some form of vitamin C during this transient time. Once adjusted your body will be acclimatized and no longer detox. Some people don’t experience a detox but notice boundless energy and exceptional emotional stability instead.

The Disc is great for people who travel a lot and for children. For protecting a large area like a home or office the Tesla Gold Series Plug-in model or the Tesla Gold Series Cube model would be better.


  • Designed protection from Wi-Fi and general EMF
  • Coverage 3m in every direction
  • Multi scalar waveform output
  • Great for (business) trips and air travel
  • Great for children
  • Rechargable battery
  • Size: 39mm across x 12mm thick
  • Weight: 32 gr
  • Some detox effect
  • High strength large field
  • Reduces travel fatigue
  • Reduces travel sickness
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Helps maintain a level of alertness
  • Helps on long flights, car or boat trips
  • Enables restful sleep while travelling
  • May Increase energy levels
  • Reduce jet lag
Important: We don’t recommend this product for pregnant women unless they have been exposed to the field since before pregnancy started.

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Hélène Vercammen

veronique -

na talrijke ontstoringen waar ik geen merkbaar resultaat van ondervond, ben ik gestart met de tesla gold portable - na 1 week gebeurde er een omkering, mijn zware vermoeidheid verdween 'plots' en ik had mijn gewoon energieniveau terug. de laatste jaren is gans de stad een vrije wifi zone geworden, alles wordt draadloos, smartmeters ... en zo ging mijn energie jaar na jaar zeer geleidelijk achteruit. wegens het goede resultaat heb ik dan het voordeelpakket large area cube (voor de woning) en de tesla gold disc (voor mezelf als ik weg ga - kun je als horloge of hanger dragen, of in je handtas, broekzak steken). in totaal heb ik nu 2 maanden de tesla producten en mijn dynamiek is terug zoals vroeger. ik ben heel dankbaar dat er eindelijk mensen zijn die iets goeds doen met de technologie die Nicola Tesla bracht.
met dank

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