Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra
Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra
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Blushield products are constantly being developed and restyled. Therefore occasionally there are interesting offers. These products offer unparalleled Blushield protection at an attractive price!
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The Ultra is the strongest model from the Blushield Home Series, twice as strong as the plug-in.

The Ultra is recommended for homes or offices with moderate EMF exposure.

The Blushield Home Series uses a mono band waveform, transmitting the Blushield frequencies every 30 seconds.

If you live close to (5G) cell towers, or in line of sight, we recommend a stronger dual band model, such as a B1 or C1 cube

Coverage is 90m in all directions. In high-rise buildings/apartments 1 Ultra per floor is recommended.

We recommend you purchase a Portable model to carry with you when you are away from your home or office. This will maintain a level of protection when away from your protected zone.

  • Designed for Homes, Offices and Large areas
  • Stand alone or w​​​​all mounted alloy case with a low profile
  • Comes with 4 plug-types (EU, UK, US, AU)


No Battery
400 gr.
Size mm
160 x 160 x 5
Output Type
Mono Band Scalar
Area Coverage
Large area
Protection level
Level 6
Aluminium Alloy
12 V DC
Power Consumption
12 Watts
Coverage Radius
90 m radius

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