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W1 Ultimate Watch
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W1 Ultimate Watch
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W1 Ultimate Watch

The latest in wearable 5G protection introducing the W1. A touch screen watch face with the ability to select 5 different faces, 3 languages English, Japanese and German.

No its not a smart watch and does not feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Blushield W1 is designed to protect you from 5G in a new wearable teach device. Its only feature is a watch with 5 selectable faces and 3 languages English Japanese and German, you can also tell the date as well as the time. Lock the desired face into the watch and select your language and your ready to go…battery lasts about 2 days so a boost charge every night is ok to do.

You can turn the watch on or off by pressing the button for about 5 seconds. When switched on, 2 red lights on the back illuminate.

A classic Black look and the 54mm display is large enough for everyone to notice. A flick of the wrist brings up the time….yes your protected.

For those who require the best protection the W1 is your wearable solution for 5G protection.

  • Wearable portable 5G protection
  • 5 changeable watch faces
  • Shows the date and time
  • Black Alloy case with a TPU black strap
  • 3 languages (English, Japanese, German)
  • Airplane safe
  • Comes with USB C charging cable (magnetic)
  • Charges via 1 Amp charger (not included)


400 mAH
61 gr.
Size mm
54 x 12
Output Type
Dual Band Scalar
Area Coverage
1 Person
Protection level
Level 5
Zinc Alloy Die Cast
3,7 V
Power Consumption
2 mA
Coverage Radius
3 m radius

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Christer Johansson - 06-12-2022 23:17

I have the watch since several months and noticed an increased capacity to focus at work, which is loaded with emf radiation. It gives me a pleasant and calm state of mind while wearing it.

Anonymous - 04-11-2022 08:38

In february this year, I did not want to be here any more.
I had a seriously mental break down.
Up till the break down, for years my mental and physical health were going down hill, so to speak. Lack of energy, focus, stamina, strength, concentration. Absolute everyrhing that makes a life worth living. I was hospitalised and I was treated with pills. This was not the right solution. Still not really progress. Before all this i had a life worth living. I was working with people, whom suffered from a lot of different life difficulties. It was a passion to help people, I also was using my horse in that work, I was building my own firm with therapy horses.
I was also training and practising Martial art. I was in training to gain the black belt.
I have a family, wife and 3 children.
When I look back in time. I can see that my energy level and everthing else that includes my health, both mentaly and physical was geting worse, during a periode off time, until the day I did not want too be here any more.
In May this year I came in contact with a guy, he told me about blushield. And in June I got my products.
A watch and a B1 cube.
Its really a miracle, my life has totally changed. I can train Martial art again, i work with my horse again. I begin to take classes in horse treatments. It feels like I have really found my self. For the first time, in a really long time I have energy, to do what I like.
So thank you, from the bottom off my heart and soul. Your products are really a game changer.

Irma - 06-08-2022 18:57

We already bought the cube several months ago. This gave us several serious health benefits like a chronic back pain that disappeared directly and a mucus inflammation in the shoulder after several weeks.
Now I bought this watch to be protected as well on the way and since I use it I I have more energy, I stay energized during the day. Also I noticed I need to take in less magnesium supplements than before.

Laima Dailide - 05-08-2022 10:48

Reduced EMF sensitivity and insomnia.